What Our Customers Think

“Owner very happy and impressed. Personally have had great service from VPIS on all cases”

Willett House Vet Surgery

“Very helpful service, thank you. It’s reassuring for me and the client to have the advice of VPIS”

Companion Care (New Malden) Ltd

“Service received was excellent, very thorough and the staff member was patient and understanding. Couldn’t have asked for more from this service on this occasion”

Washington Vets4Pets Ltd

“Your service is INVALUABLE – thank you so much for all your help over the years”

PDSA PetAid Hospital

“Very helpful – the owner sent some pictures of the mushroom and the mycologist rang us with the likely species and advice”

Drove Veterinary Hospital

“Service very helpful and useful, even though presentation was very vague since toxin unknown”


“Service was excellent. Having fungus expert on hand who called me and went through if all was reassuring that all symptoms seen made sense and expected outcome. Lovely bloke!”


“Very helpful – evidence based and balanced advice. Thank you”

Thompsons Veterinary Surgery

“The service was exceptional, the lady I spoke even phoned me a little later to suggest to check the pH of the saliva in case it was alkaline and to wash the residue. Very helpful”

Medivet Veterinary Partnership

“Brilliant service and advice really helped. Progression of signs matched advice (unfortunately)”

Northlands Veterinary Hospital

“Excellent. First class advice and protocols provided. VPIS staff showed real concern and effort to assist in the case. 5* for your assistance”

Buckingham Vets4Pets Ltd

“Call answered straight away. I received information I required enabling me to reassure the client and deal with the case effectively”


“Grateful for the VPIS service provided on the day otherwise I would have taken longer to discover the need for lipid infusion and delayed referral longer”

Crossroads Veterinary Centre

“Excellent and helpful service. Always in awe of the information available and depth and breadth of knowledge”

The Rowe Group

“Excellent telephone information and support. Good follow up faxes/email info sheet. Antivenom obtained from Vets Now Swindon”

Quantock Veterinary Hospital

“Unusual case. Service was good seeing as there wasn’t much information about this”


“I was impressed with the speed of your answering the call and providing the data sheet/information sheet via email. Thank you”

Barrow Hill Veterinary Hospital

“Very good. Not a widely referred toxin which VPIS staff on call researched and also consulted with a superior”

The Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Grimsby

“Excellent advice as always. I attended one of your CPD courses on 11 March which was very interesting and informative”

Towcester Veterinary Centre

“Thank you for the information. Possible differential diagnoses was very useful”

Armac Veterinary Group

“Very helpful. Confusing case initially but VPIS really helped identify potential toxins and helped with planning treatment”

Dudley Vets4Pets Ltd

“Very helpful! Emailed through lipid infusion guidelines, not used as not stocked in practice, but prompt and very impressed by service”

Okeford Veterinary Centre

“Brilliant service – gave more options without cost being an issue”

Hull Vets4Pets Ltd

“Service is always excellent and re-assuring to known how these cases should be managed”

Summerleaze Veterinary Centre

“I think the service was great, I also got answers for all additional questions that I had. Thank you”

A&E Vets

“Excellent service. Your team worked very hard to locate them toxin for us. Phoning frequently with information. Thank you very much.”

Cogges Veterinary Surgery

“Staff very helpful and attentive. Provided excellent and detailed advice. Very happy with service”

Blythman & Partners Limited

“Service was excellent , unfortunately as a charity practice we do not have access to suggested supportive treatment but still good advice and prognostic information was helpful”

RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital

“Good service – thank you for faxing through the relevant information so quickly”

The Hale Veterinary Group

“The information provided by VPIS was clear and concise and we were able to commence appropriate treatment and the patients survived”

David Clare Vets

“Service received from VPIS colleague was excellent. Thanks so much for your help”

Harrogate Vets4Pets Ltd

“Very good service. Impressed with how quickly I received a response to an unusual query.”

Deane Veterinary Centre

“This dog was too aggressive to treat, we couldn’t get him into the building – so IV fluids and bloods were in no way possible. Thank you for helping us find an alternative option for a mild case.”

Jessica Holder

“Very useful – if only to pick a specialist’s brain to try and shed light on a particular set of symptoms.”

Kerry Lovett

“Extremely good support from VPIS once again – the clinician was very interested in the case and provided good, clear details of treatment and explanation. Thank you!”

Adam Morgan

“Very efficient and reliable service. Call was answered promptly and dealt with professionally.”

Lesley Headland

“Very helpful service, thank you. More specific prognostic information would be useful but I obviously understand that this is dependent on the information vets provide on cases!”

Mark Ashenford

“The service is brilliant, always very friendly and helpful and I always learn something from yourselves. Thank you again.”

Mary Williams

“The service was particularly helpful as the advisor stated that tablets were particularly slow to digest; therefore I instituted Apomorphine later than usually. Thank you very much for the advice.”

Corinne Gray

“Very pleased with the service, especially having specific prognosis figures helped us discuss with the owner the likelihood of recovery and aided their decision.”

Dan Harris

“VPIS is an amazing service. Advice is always incredibly helpful and realistic in a general practice situation. We will store the ethanol/vodka advice hand-out with our newly purchased bottle of ethanol. Many thanks.”

Sarah Foster

“I just wanted to say a very personal and heartfelt thankyou for your help that night. It’s not just your knowledge and expertise but your reassurance and empathy too – without you, Jabulani wouldn’t be alive. It was the worst night on call I’ve had so far (and not sure many others could top it to be honest!) but it was all worth it when he trotted out of the clinic Monday morning and leapt into his family’s arms. I couldn’t believe it in all honesty – how quickly he recovered. I’m not sure how I can express how it felt watching an animal suffer so much and feeling so helpless – after reinforcements left and my nurse and I split into two in the hope of gaining some sleep each, he wasn’t stable and was getting worse, which is when I called your colleague again. I am unbelievably grateful for the help of VPIS, especially yourself (and so are Jabu’s family!) I hope you know how valued and appreciated you guys are – helping clinical vets on the ground, who I imagine are often ringing you feeling panicked, under pressure, and helpless. You guys are truly wonderful. Like I said, it’s really hard to put how I feel into words so please can all of you raise a toast for Jabulani and all of the other animals who’s lives you have saved.”

Brookfield Veterinary Practice