Online access to the UK-Vet collection is now available to all members subscribed to a VPIS annual subscription at no extra cost! This collection includes: Companion Animal, The Veterinary Nurse, Livestock, UK-Vet Equine and Equine Health.

The five UK-Vet journals in combination provide practical, up-to-date information for the whole veterinary clinical team, as well as for students and teachers in animal health. Supported by panels of experts, the clinical articles cover all aspects of veterinary medicine, surgery and nursing care, and all species from cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, camelids and horses to cats, dogs, rabbits, exotic pets and wildlife casualties. Clinical reviews, case reports, self-assessments, step-by-step technique descriptions, and clinical research articles are peer-reviewed to ensure high quality, whilst recent important research papers are highlighted.

The UK Vet collection offers full current issue + back file coverage of all titles, with access starting from 2006.

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