Flyers, posters and leaflets

If you would like material for your practice or client awareness sessions,we have leaflets and posters available for download for the website. Some of this material can also be ordered from us. Just email us at

NEW 2022!

VPIS Flow Chart

We have issued a flow chart to help veterinary practices triage poisoning cases, and show when it is appropriate to direct the owner to the Animal PoisonLine.

NEW 2023!

Pet Safe Plants List

This is a list of plants that are considered safe for households with pets. Note, however, that ingestion of any plant material may cause mild gastrointestinal upset. If your pet repeatedly chews plants and has gastrointestinal upset, it is recommended that plants are removed from the home or fenced off in the garden, if practical

Animal PoisonLine

Our 24 hour service exclusively for owners. Please see our promotional poster and leaflet for details.

To order our Animal PoisonLine poster or leaflets please email

Poisoning in Pets

VPIS has produced a selection of leaflets on specific poisonous agents in cats and dogs; these that can be used in practice waiting rooms or as handouts for clients, and are aimed at raising awareness and informing pet owners about the dangers of specific poisoning hazards.

To order leaflets please email

VPIS Christmas Hazards Poster

This poster can be used in practice waiting rooms to raise awareness around common hazards during the Christmas period

(Last updated December 2014)

Keeping Cats Safe – Lethal Lilies

International Cat Care has produced a lily poster that can be used to raise awareness of ‘lethal lilies’.

Keeping Cats Safe – Halloween hazards and fireworks

A poster from International Cat Care on the hazards of Halloween and fireworks.

VPIS Xylitol Ruby Poster

Keeping Cats Safe – Antifreeze Poisoning in Cats

International Cat Care has produced a poster that can be used to raise awareness of antifreeze poisoning in cats.

International Care Care (ICC)’s permethrin poster

This poster is part of the ICC’s ‘Protect against permethrin poisoning’ campaign. To see the poster for pet owners and vet practices, see here.

VPIS Poisons Checklist

Click the image to download the VPIS Poisons Checklist and use it in your practice for noting down details about your patient.

Pets and Poisons leaflet (BVA-AWF)

This leaflet, created collaboratively by the VPIS and the British Veterinary Association Animal Welfare Foundation (BSA-AWF), demonstrates to pet owners how to prevent poisoning in the home and what to do if they suspect their animal is poisoned.

Available from the British Veterinary Association Animal Welfare Foundation (BVA AWF). You can order these free from the BVA-AWF for your clients although they like you to make a donation to the charity to cover postage at least. These have proven very popular with pet owners.