Nicola Robinson, our Head of Service, will be lecturing at BVA Live which is taking place on the 23rd and 24th of June at the NEC in Birmingham. Nicola’s presentation is on the 23rd at 15.35 in the Clinical Theatre 1.

This lecture will look at the various ways for vets to tackle a poisoning case when they are presented with one in practice. The importance of initial history taking and questioning of the owner will be covered and decontamination methods will be discussed including when/if emesis is needed and when it is effective. A brief overview of the most common poisons reported to the VPIS will be looked at including case studies which highlight useful medications for vet surgeries to stock and where to source antidotes. The importance of tailoring the treatment for each patient rather than blanket protocols will be emphasised. The different services that the VPIS offers will also be summarised.