There has been a shortage of supply of the Biomed antivenom (originating from Poland) which has caused issues here in the UK. It was due to the Polish regulator not being able to release the stock on time.  Raman Pharma (who are the only importer of antivenom into the UK) received their first delivery over a week ago and 95% of this stock has already been sold, mainly due to fulfilling back orders.  Their next delivery is next week, and they do not envisage that this will be delayed.  The situation is therefore resolving.

Veterinary practices should be able to get adder antivenom soon either from their wholesalers or by ordering direct by calling Raman Pharma on 01252 260460 and setting up an account with them.

In an emergency, please continue to call us on 0207 305 5055 where we can direct you to your nearest ToxBox or Elixir practice to source antivenom.