A recent Knowledge Summary published in RCVS Veterinary Evidence discusses the difference in recovery time when using different types of lipid emulsion therapy in cats with permethrin toxicosis.

Soybean oil-based and ClinOleic IVLE therapies can be used safely as adjuvant treatments to reduce time to recovery in cats with permethrin intoxication. However, the evidence collected suggests that soybean oil-based IVLE therapy is better in reducing the recovery time after permethrin toxicosis as compared to ClinOleic IVLE therapy.

The overall findings showed that the average recovery time after soybean oil-based IVLE therapy across patients with permethrin intoxication was 8.5 hours and the average time to recovery after olive oil-based emulsions (ClinOleic therapy) was 39 hours. This may suggest that soybean oil-based formulations are a better option for reducing the recovery time in cats after permethrin toxicity. Dermal decontamination, supportive care, muscle relaxers, and anticonvulsant drugs are examples of recommended treatments before the administration of any intralipid therapies and must be used based on the clinical signs of each patient.

The application of evidence into practice should take into account multiple factors, including: individual clinical expertise, patient’s circumstances and owners’ values, country, location or clinic where you work, the individual case in front of you, and the availability of therapies and resources.

The article can be read here