As reported in vet times, Margot, a miniature dachshund, had a narrow escape after suffering potentially fatal vitamin D toxicity by devouring a tube of ointment for humans.

Margot ingested Dovonex®, a dermal treatment for psoriasis in humans that contains the synthetic vitamin D3 analogue, calcipotriol.

Margot presented with severe hypercalcaemia and was mildly azotaemic. She was also nauseous, lethargic and depressed, and was initially managed with prednisolone, furosemide and IV fluid therapy. Although she improved, the hypercalcaemia persisted, so pamidronate was administered.

Margot is showing no signs of permanent damage after recovering from her misadventure. Margot was treated by Davies Veterinary Specialists with the help of the VPIS. Her case highlights the dangers of psoriasis creams in pets.