In the current times, collaboration between veterinary professionals and practices is valued and appreciated more than ever. As some practices may be aware, the VPIS has collaborated with Vets Now and CVS to bring the potentially life-saving ToxBox and Elixir. These services give veterinary practices 24-hour access to drugs and products used in the emergency treatment of poisoning cases, often products that practices are unlikely to stock.

Treatment available to purchase include:

European adder antivenom
Intralipid® solution
Vitamin K1 preparations
Activated charcoal
Fresh/Frozen Plasma

The VPIS also has a list of other practices that hold drugs that can be obtained in an emergency. For more information visit our Emergency Drug Supply Interactive Map or, if an emergency Call Us to get the telephone number of your nearest site holding the drug you need to manage your patient appropriately. Drugs are supplied at cost with an administrative dispensing charge.