We want to make sure that all of our members are aware of the multifaceted nature of our service. When a practice calls us for advice, we create a case in our database with a corresponding case number. This serves as a reference for us and the practice, and any information relating to the case can be added, including follow up information when received. This reference can be provided to callers, and quoted if they recall, or they can just give us their VPIS membership code or postcode and the case can easily be found.

Any recall received about the same case will come at no extra charge. All calls about the same case come under one case number, and therefore one charge. 

This is important to remember if the animal’s condition deteriorates, or if more information comes to light. Treatment regimens for some agents are broad, and it may not be necessary to discuss all details at the time of the initial call. If the animal becomes unwell, or details of the circumstances change, we are able to advise further using all of the information we have.

Other ways we can help with a case include the identification of plants and fungi- we work closely with a mycologist who is able to accurately identify fungi species using pictures, descriptions and samples.