A quick reminder for vets about our APL fees:

In hours (8am-8pm Mon to Fri) – £35
Out of hours (8pm-8am Mon to Fri and all weekend/bank holidays) – £45

Please remember that this is not the same as the VPIS service and we DO NOT give owners detailed treatment advice. We do not think it is appropriate for worried owners to be given treatment plans which are often complex and may be relayed incorrectly to the vet. Experience has also shown us that some owners will try to treat at home (e.g. emesis) which is clearly not safe. If you require treatment advice please use your VPIS membership as usual. We will refund the APL fee to the owner if we receive a VPIS call about the same case so owners are not double-charged.

Overall, 80% of owners who call APL are advised that an immediate vet visit is not required. They are informed of the signs to look out for (if any) and given general management advice which can safely be applied at home e.g. bland diet, oral fluids, wash dog’s paws, etc.