Primula, a company who primarily produce various flavours of soft cheese, have recently recalled a number of their products due to fears they could contain Clostridium botulinum, a bacteria which can cause botulism. We are aware that many dog owners use these cheese spreads as training aids, as such you may be contacted by worried owners. As always we are here to support you with any concerns following this product recall, and we have already had calls concerning Primula cheeses. The full list of recalled products can be found in the link below:

The clinical picture of botulism can vary and not all the signs listed may be apparent in every case. Initial symptoms of botulism are often mild gastrointestinal signs, but this can progress to more serious symptoms that include weakness and paralysis. The prognosis for botulism is fair to guarded, depending on the dose ingested and speed of treatment. Treatment in most cases is supportive.

Animal PoisonLine is available 24/7 on 01202 509 000 for any enquiries and vets, as always, can call for case specific advice on 02073 055 055.