At this time of year we always see an increase in various types of calls due to the improving weather and the Spring hazards that come with it.  These include fertilisers, weedkillers, rat and mouse poison and spring flowers or bulbs.

But this year we are also receiving more calls about a number of other agents due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.  These include:

  • Medications especially paracetamol
  • Cleaning products including soap, disinfectant and hand sanitiser
  • Food including chocolate, alcohol and bread dough
  • Home beauty products including hair dye and clipper oil

As with most poisons, dose is everything and some pets will become seriously ill if they come into contact with any of the above while others are likely to be able to be managed at home if they have only had a small amount and are larger in size.

However, there is one type of call that has surprised us and that is when an owner has unintentionally poisoned their pet by trying to disinfect it.  It is understandable that owners are concerned that pets can carry the coronavirus on their fur but we did not expect owners to try and disinfect them in the same way they disinfect their kitchen surfaces!  We are hoping that, with the help of vets and vet nurses advising their clients that this is unnecessary and dangerous and with our messages on our Facebook page, we will not see too many more of these cases.