Ingestion of pumpkins including seeds is generally not a concern and may cause mild gastrointestinal upset.

These fruits can contain extremely bitter-tasting compounds but they have been bred out of crop varieties. Very occasionally these compounds can occur in cultivated species through mutation, environmental stress or an outcross with a wild species (not in the UK since wild species are not native). Ingestion of these bitter fruits can cause significant gastrointestinal signs and collapse. There may also be dyspnoea, dehydration and elevated liver enzymes, urea and creatinine. These effects are not likely to occur in the majority of cases. Treatment is supportive.

Ingestion of sweets is only likely to cause gastrointestinal upset. Although they may contain a variety of sweeteners, the only one of concern in dogs is xylitol. This can cause hypoglycaemia and liver failure.

Luminous jewellery and glow sticks are also of low toxicity. They contain phthalates which are irritant and have an unpleasant taste. This results in hypersalivation, hyperactivity and aggressive behaviour); vomiting and lethargy occur occasionally. Signs typically resolve within a few minutes. Oral fluids can be given if required or a treat may help to take the taste away.