Veterinary Poisons Information Service

Welcome to the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS)

We are the UK’s only animal poison centre – we have been established and collecting poison data since 1992

We offer memberships for vet practices from £8 per month

We handle enquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year about any possible toxin including human or veterinary drugs, household/DIY/garden products, plants, fungi and venomous bites

If you are a member with a case or if you would like to join VPIS please call us using the appropriate telephone number for your country listed below

If you face any problems contacting us, you can reach us on the backup number below

If you are an owner concerned your pet has been poisoned please call Animal PoisonLine, our triage line for owners.

Why do vets use VPIS?

The Veterinary Poisons Information Service is the only 24-hour specialised emergency telephone service in the UK dedicated to providing information to veterinary professionals on handling of poisoning cases in all animals. VPIS was established in 1992 and have been collecting poison data since.

We are a membership-only service. The service is available worldwide.

For each enquiry, you will speak directly with a member of the team who will advise on the clinical effects, ideal treatment protocol and prognosis on a case-by-case basis. Once a call is logged follow-up calls about the same case are not charged.

Evidence based advice

We constantly research the literature and liaise with a wide range of manufacturers about new products or ingredients. We have over 280,000 past cases to refer to and the feedback we receive from vets about their cases is invaluable for us to refine our advice. We publish extensively in the veterinary press and journals as well as lecture at vet schools and conferences globally.

Toxicology CPD

VPIS runs CPD courses throughout the UK and offers online CPD training.

We can also provide bespoke training sessions for larger organisations. To find out more about CPD click here.

Annual Membership

Our memberships include the calls your practice will make to VPIS over the year as well as CPD and online access to veterinary publications.

To see our membership benefits and find out how to join please click here.

What Our Customers Think

“Owner very happy and impressed. Personally have had great service from VPIS on all cases”

Willett House Vet Surgery

“Very helpful service, thank you. It’s reassuring for me and the client to have the advice of VPIS”

Companion Care (New Malden) Ltd

“Service received was excellent, very thorough and the staff member was patient and understanding. Couldn’t have asked for more from this service on this occasion”

Washington Vets4Pets Ltd

“Your service is INVALUABLE – thank you so much for all your help over the years”

PDSA PetAid Hospital

“Very helpful – the owner sent some pictures of the mushroom and the mycologist rang us with the likely species and advice”

Drove Veterinary Hospital

“Service very helpful and useful, even though presentation was very vague since toxin unknown”


“Service was excellent. Having fungus expert on hand who called me and went through if all was reassuring that all symptoms seen made sense and expected outcome. Lovely bloke!”


“Very helpful – evidence based and balanced advice. Thank you”

Thompsons Veterinary Surgery